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About the collection

11 exclusive snapshots invite you to re-live the essence of those unforgettable nights.

Presented by photographer Michal Augustini, this collection features high-quality gallery C-Type prints, known for their stunning clarity and depth. Each image, a window to the past's electric atmosphere, is available in a limited edition—10 large (40x60cm) and 20 medium (30x40cm) sizes, with a choice of black or white frames to match your style.

Starting at just £39, seize the opportunity to own a rare fragment of rave history.

Hurry—the moments are transient, and like the fleeting beats of the night, once they're gone, they're truly gone.

Michal Augustini

Slovak born now London based lifestyle photographer capturing iconic moments connected to music, sports and culture.

His lens has often found its home at Printworks, documenting the essence of what made this venue so special to him and many others. 

Michal’s images tell stories of the intense emotions and vibrant experiences that music and culture inspire, solidifying his reputation in top international publications including: Rolling Stone Magazine, NME, The Guardian, Independent, Variety, Vulture, Cosmopolitan and many others.